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Roofing company branding

  • Client

    Recte Roofing

  • Services

    Analysis, Brand Strategy, Brand Identity

  • Launch project

Brand strategy and brand identity system design of the Latvian roofing company

Modern visual brand identity system that emphasizes a commitment to tradition and craftsmanship. The basis of visual identity is a modern geometric grotesque font and the “Jumis” sign, which is associated with the first letter of the company name. The new company logo looks more confident and powerful, standing out among competitors’ logos.

The symbol „Jumis“ is traditionally used in Latvian architecture, decorating the top of the roof and symbolizing fertility.

— Arrived on the roof!

The pattern with the main tagline.

The new Jumis pattern with more rounded shapes, more harmonious than usual.

A short presentation film about the completed projects of the company, facts of activities and basic services with a new brand identity.

Caring for employees in the cold season.

Brand polo shirt for managers.

Brand T-shirt for workers.

Branded hats for summer and winter.

The brand identity system includes all kinds of communication media that the company can use to become a brand in its industry and niche.

The brand identity system is easily transformed and adapted to any communication goals while maintaining recognition and unity.

Presentation of the company for sending to the phone.

Design for social media and publications.

Branded working car.