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UI design 1.0

Оbjective: Design the user interface of the largest platform on islands in Southeast Asia.

Islander is the first platform that makes island hopping easy for everyone. There are over 100’000 incredible islands in the world, and some of the most beautiful are in Southeast Asia. Islander offers spectacular yacht holidays and island hopping trips to discover even the most remote islands during your ultimate getaway.

Home page header.

The best islands profile slider.

Call to action with service quality description.

The top cruises profile slider.

Call to action with a choice of yacht types.

Subscribe to offers.

Islands page header.

Islands page selection filters.

Island page header with slider.

Island data.

Across island slider with description and call to action.

How to get to the island and fly ticket form search.

Cruises page header with slider and selection options.

Multi-day and one-day cruises.

Help and benefits.

Call to action with a choice of yachts.

Yacht page header.

Yacht selection options menu.

Yachts profiles slider.

Yacht specification with gallery slider and request form.

Purchase form design.

Request form design.